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NEWS UPDATE about PopLove 6 & The World Music Awards Mashup Project!

⭐NEWS UPDATE 😀: YES, there will be a PopLove 6! My annual multi-mashup of pop hits, will continue this year! There is a slight change of plans so i thought i should let you know! The World Music Awards #Mashup that i am currently working on, will be pushed back, since we have some time until the awards, so we'll wait to add more current hits later, and this will give me time to work NOW on my new #PopLove 2017 and release it first! I thought PopLove should be my first priority! I will keep you updated with news on my facebook page, as i work on it during this time! :) The mix will be released around the same time as every year! Who are you excited to hear in the mix? Join the facebook page to keep yourself updated with all the news! Rxx

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