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Join us at our talk show "The Art & Science Of Music Mashups feat. Robin Skouteris"

Hey guys! Some cool news! I'll be the main guest at Scott Abel's online talk show! Join us for a relaxed and informative discussion about audio & video Mashups, next Wednesday May 5th! Register for free at the link here! Wanna see me on cam, stressing, mixing up my english, and trying to explain how a mashup is made? Here's your chance! :) ( Ok, i have a few more days to practice! ) Hope to see you all there!

"Join me for a conversation with world-renowned DJ and music producer, Robin Skouteris, about the art and science behind music mashups. We’ll chat about his career in the music industry and how he repurposing music and vocals from previously recorded tracks to create mashups and remixes of popular songs. We’ll view one of Skouteris’ recent video mashup collaborations and you’ll be able to ask questions of Robin about his mashup and music mixing process." Scott Abel (host)


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