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PopLove 9 is here! The Ultimate Mashup of 2020 + 2021!

♫ The biggest hits of the last 2 years are here in 1 seamless mix. It's that time of the year. I'm back! 2 Years have passed. And.... What an intense ride these years have been! I didnt do a PopLove Mix in 2020 due to personal issues, but now i'm back with an epic mix of 2020 + 2021! I owed you a big one! So here we are. This is the sound of today. The pop sound of the covid years. 100 tracks, 19 minutes, 1 feeling: LOVE. It's all we need to get us through these difficult times. And i couldn't have done it with yours over the past years. THANK YOU. ENJOY the video, you can watch it in 4K quality. Remix by Robin Skouteris, Video edit by Panos T & Robin Skouteris Check out the PopLove 9 Main Page for more INFO & DOWNLOADS, CLICK HERE.

I can admit we had some pretty good pop music the last 2 years, so making this mix was a blast! Maybe challenging times are good for artists after all.

Makes us all give our hearts and souls because ART is our only escape. I hope you have fun with this #PopLove as much as i had making it! YOU CAN LISTEN AND STREAM THE AUDIO MIX HERE:


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