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2 New Mashup Remix Videos & New Interview!

Time to update you with the lastest news! It's been a busy summer afterall! After the release of my brand new mashup album "Music Therapy" (Available HERE), the videos for the mixes are unstoppable! Here we have 2 brand new videos from the album, that could be covid-19 anthems, and a new interview i gave for Hit'n'Mix software website! 🎶🤩"LONELINESS" is an anthem for the lonely. A minimal and dirty mashup that's gonna rock your pop world. I was indeed very lonely during the quarantine when i made this, so... there you have it. WATCH the new video, edited by the incredible Panos T! Includes some oldschool Britney Spears, Little Mix, Ace of Base, Madonna, TomCraft and Gravitonas.

🎶🤩"PHYSICAL OFF ALONE" is a simple but powerful combination, bringing today's star Dua Lipa back into the 90s, with some eurodance Alice Deejay vibes! The video edit is done by mashup artist DJ RICK LEE and you can enjoy it here:

During the last month, i gave an interview to Hit'N'Mix, talking about the mashup scene, my past, my future and everything in between. Hit'n'Mix Infinity is a brand new software about audio stems seperation and editing, that i used during the making of my new album "Music Therapy". They were kind enough to sponsor me a new version of the software and some great questions for this interview! You can check it out, CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy it! More video mashups from the new album coming this month, so stay tuned! Till next time, stay safe and enjoy the music! <3 Rxx

Check PANOS T's page HERE. Check DJ RICK LEE's page HERE. Check ROBIN SKOUTERIS page HERE.

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