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PopLove 10: The Ultimate MASHUP of 22 is here!

♫ Another year has come to an end! CLUBS and HUGS are BACK! The best way to celebrate this is a dance retrospective of the whole year! And guess what? Its PopLove's 10th anniversary! Yes, i cant believe i have been doing this for 10 years! So here we are PopLovers, this is the 10th PopLove megamix, right here:

A HUGE heartfelt “thank you” for your incredible support to this project over the course of past 10 years! I couldn’t have made it without your enthusiasm and love! We now have our own #PopLove party series in Paris, France! If you are in Paris, check out for the date of our next party and come dance with us!

This was a challenging music year for sure. So many different genres, so many different sounds. Many ballads and mid tempo songs, but i tried to focus more on the dance aspect of 2022, since this is what i loved the most. PopLove has always been about bringing an uplifting experience and actually celebrate the year in the most fun way! It's our 10th anniversary of PopLove mixes, so i wanted it to feel old school, familiar, but also fresh and experimental, trying new sounds and turns! I created Pop Sub-genre chapters so it feels like a journey through the whole year, loosely based on background music and feels! The lines are thin, because let's not forget, this is a MASHUP! Check out the DOWNLOADS section so you can download the mp3 for free, check out the full song list that is featured, the spotify playlists and all the info,


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