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PopLove 6: The Ultimate Mashup Of 2017, IS HERE!

Yes, it's that time of the year! As another year reaches its closure, we remember and honor the pop culture, the music, the stars, the good and the bad times of 2017. From Despacito, to Stranger Things, to the death of Linkin Park's Chester, this is everything that shook pop culture in 2017, in a music mix! Everytime i work on a PopLove mix, it starts a bit like "Oh no, we had boring music this year..." but it ends like "Wow this is a celebration! Why didnt i notice this earlier?!!" I gathered for you the best 75 pop hits that got stuck in your mind for the whole year and brought them together in a non-stop 13 minute Mashup! Me and Panos T also worked together to deliver a fast cutting-edge video edit for your eyes pleasure! Maybe we should have put an epilepsy warning sign in there! ...Just saying! ;) The music was not very high-energy this year, as ballads are making a comeback, but i tried my best to have a powerful mix, even with most songs being mid-tempo. Its something about pop melodies that gets you hooked and hopeful. As cold as the industry often feels right now, lets re-discover the melodies and remember what music is all about, no matter the genre. THE FEELS. Listen, stream, dance, download, share and spread the (pop) LOVE! CHECK THE MAIN POPLOVE 2017 PAGE FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS, LYRICS AND FULL TRACKLIST HERE. And have a great holiday! Here's to an excellent 2018! Rxx



No copyright infringement intended. For promotion purposes only. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! ENJOY!

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